Travelling with kids

Whatever works. One may like last minute holidays and five stars resorts, others, like us, shudder at the thought of such activities (we tried) and prefer to do something on their own.

We don't agree that kids limit your freedom and possibilities and that travelling with kids is impossible. Sure, you have to give up some things, we probably won't go river rafting and we'll skip 4-day long trekking trhough Amazon jungle, but well, you can't have everything in life. There are still so many things to do and see. Maciek was 4 months old when we went with him to see Israel and some West Bank, and 9 month old when we moved to Libya. With 3-month-old Kalina in Dominican Republic we went on 2-day-long yacht cruise and we went horsback riding to see a waterfall in the mountains, we even sold kids for a while to go paragliding.

Travels teach a lot, kids absorb much more than we think. Someone told us: Why do you go? They won't remember anything. Well, probably not, but firts of all we wil spend all that time together and this, at the stage of life that they are at, is more important than memories. Second of all, having children didn't make us give up our plans and dreams. We like travelling, we always did, and kids won't stop us.

In Dominican Republic we heard from someone, that parents often give up their plans and dreams so their children can follow their plans and dreams. But kids look at the parents and do what they see - they also give up their dreams and work their asses off for their children. We want to be for Maciek and Kalina a different exapmle.  And they help us in some way too, they often open the doors that otherwise would remain closed. When people see travellers with kids, they are usually more open and friendly.

Kids are everywhere, you can buy diapers all around the world, and for us, as long as there are no bullets flying over our heads, and as long as there are no malarial mosquitoes buzzing by our ears, than why not? Of course we always try to be responsible and use common sense (and after our adventures in Dominican Republic, check the weather forecast and hurricane alerts), have lots of medical supplies for any occasion and, in case of longer trips, good healthcare insurance. After all you can feed, change and bathe anywhere.

Travelling with a trailer is easy - we don't have to carry everything in our backpacks, and, thanks to our Frequent Traveler cards we could take with us much more stuff than we need (although travelling across the US you can just as well take nothing, whatever you need you can buy here at much cheaper price than in Poland). Strange as it is, the older child, the less things we take. Most of the things we took for Maciek are toys and books.

If any of our readers belives that travelling with children is dangerous, irresponsible and evil we hope we will convince them otherwise. However if they don't want to be convinced but to convince us we should chose a  different path, please don't. Thank you but we don't want to hear your comments and advice.

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