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  1. Ciao Amici ! So good to meet you all at the Traveler on Bainbridge Island today. I will look in to see how you are all doing as you proceed on your trip. So glad that you had such a pretty day to come over on the ferry. Take Care safe travels and keep travelling it is a great gift you give your kids< Treasure the memories you have made :)

    Linda Rijkaart (Bainbridge Island WA U.S.A

    1. Hi Linda!
      Thanks for your note! We had a great time at the island! Hope you'll enjoy reading our blog:)
      It was very nice meeting you. Take care!
      ola and pawel

  2. How much for camper

  3. I just read your last US post from Chicago. Looks like you had a good time there and a great visit of our United States. Hopefully you'll have a lot of nice things to tell your friends and family in Poland. You are a very adventurous pair and I'm sure you'll continue to travel the world. We hope you continue to have good travels. Gary & Valinda; San Antonio, Texas.