About us

8 stóp means 8 feet. That's  how many feet we have all together: Ola, Paweł, Maciek and Kalina.

We attract revolutions and hurracains. Our travel is a promise of rain/cold/sudden change of weather for the place we visit. Luckily that's not enough to discourage us. We like each other and that is enough to travel together. We do not like last minute holidays and five star resorts.


He began travelling when he was 4 months old, when we took him for a cold and rainy (of course) month to Israel. He just kept travelling ever since: as we counted lately, in his three-and-a half-year-long life hetravelled by plane over 30 times. He is able to sleep anytime and anywhere, just like his mommy. He likes to sing, his latest hits include song about a snowman and an unforgettable composition "Hello Kitty wake up" with great lyrics: "Hello Kitty wake up/Hello Kitty wake up..."


The youngest one on board. She started travelling the world even earlier than Maciek - when she was 3 months old she went to Dominican Republic and we think she liked it (and the Dominicans liked her too).


Operating on solar batteries, she could go through life not seeing snow once. She came up with a stupid idea "why don't we just leave it all and go somewhere...".


Regarding "leaving it al" the reasonable one. Luckily not assertive enough. He believes that money is lying on the streets.  Literally. Anywhere we go he manages to help our budget just by looking down. It's easier in wealthier countire, so we'll looking forward to see the truth about the crisis in the US.

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