Must haves

Travelling with kids we discovered gadgets we had no idea they existed, but they proved to be very useful in our daily life

Folded table is what Maciek uses every single day, sometimes during long hours, as much time as we spend driving. He can draw, play with puzzles, cars or whatever he's got around (and he's got a lot as the table has pockets on both sides), he can eat on it without (us) worrying that we'll have to clean up old scrumbs from under the car seats. It allows us to keep (more or less) his toys organized and it makes it easier for him to play. Strap can be buckled on both sides of the table so the table can be easily removed and put back in place later without any problems.

Bathtub Flexi-Bath: is light and folded, doesn't take much space and allows to give Kalina a normal bath (we could of course wahs her in the shower but it's not so much fun). On a hot day if we are not around any lake or swimming pool Maciek likes it too. We even used it to wash clothes. And that's probably not all the purposes it can be used for. Maybe we'll not use it as a boat to go and see alligators but for sure we will use it a lot.

We were considering buying a cheap, simple bathtub when we get here, however the best thing about Flexi-Bath is that it's so compact. When it's folded it takes so little space that even if our tiny trailer we have no problems finding place for it. 

Bed Koo-di: kind of tent - mosquito net, our absolutely favourite gadget. It's priceless when it comes to naps outside and day at the beach (as long as the baby is not moving too much, Kalina so far is either sleeping or playing in it, probably once she starts crawling she will prefere playing outside).

We also use Koo-di in our trailer. We don't like to sleep with kids in one bed (especially such a narrow one as we have in our mobile home) so the kids sleep separately. Koo-di makes us sure that Kalina won't fall down from the bed and that Maciek will not kick her through his sleeps.

Koo-di is quite spacious inside, you can fold it to a very compact size and it's easy to transport. The fabric is strong so it won't rip easily letting some bloodeaters in.

All the abovementioned gadgets are available in online store, which we hereby recommend.

After we came back home gave us a scooter Mini Micro for Maciek. Maciek got crazy about it as soon as fe first saw it. He rides on it everywhere. And if he can't ride he drags it behind - luckily it's very light so it's easy for him. 

Scooter is very solid, pretty and, what's most important, stable. It has two wheels in front so it's not easy to fall down (and what you need to know our son is pretty talented when it comes to that). To make turn you don't turn the steering part but you lean in the direction you want to go - it was a bit confusing for Maciek in the beginning but he got used to it quickly. 

Scooter comes with an extra sit for younger kids (so the scooter is "growing" with child). It's installed on a smaller steering stick and there are two different positions. The lower one is perfect for year-old Kalina.

Once we finally managed to take scooter away from Maciek, install a sit and give it to Kalina we saw a smile of a month. Joy on Kalina's face was enormous. Even though she didn't walk by herself yet, she did ride a scooter without any help, and once she got bored she would just walk along, holding on to it. We can see regular conflicts between our children on who's gonna ride on it coming soon…

Back to traveling, another useful gadget (during our earlier journeys including Dominican trip and beginning of US tour) was travel potty Potette Plus. Maciek never really used a potty, he moved right to toilet training seat, and for some trauma we didn't cause (or at least we can't remember being a part of it) he would be scared to death of sitting on a toilet without it. 

Potette Plus is a potty/folded training seat, which can be easily squeezed in a backpack (which was really important for us when we were backpacking in Dominican Republic and Potette Plus was used a lot). Folded sides unfold into either training seat or legs for potty. Since we left home Maciek grew enough that he can climb a toilet all by himself and doesn't panic any more about "falling into a hole" so we could put Potette Plus away, when it's waiting for Kalina to start using it.

Potette Plus can be bought in  Ekomaluch, which we cordially recommend.

The same store agreed to provide shoes for half of 8 feet. Smaller half. From Ekomaluch we got for Kalina and Maciek slippers Inch Blue. Cute, soft and well made are also very comfortable. Our daughter whose feet are huge and thick and it's difficult to find any good shoes for her (Maciek was like this too, but he grew out of it), so we feared they would pinch her. Luckily after an hour there was so sign on her feet (plus she didn't take them off by herself - that happens to most of shoes and socks we put on her…). Even Maciek, who just like us prefers walking barefoot liked them. Finally we've got perfect slippers for him to preschool for colder days.  Too bad they don't make them in adult sizes.

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